James Harden turned down a historic 50-million per year contract offer from Houston

James Harden turned down a historic 50-million per year contract offer from Houston

Money are not everything for Houston Rockets’ super star James Harden. The future Hall of Famer turned down a historic offer from his current team as he’s focused on eventually joining the Brooklyn Nets. Let’s take a look at these news within our NBA picks today.


According to the ESPN, Houston Rockets were ready to make Harden the first player in the NBA history with a 50-million per year contract. Despite the size of the offer he said “no”, currently waiting for a move to the Brooklyn Nets for the next season. In Brooklyn he could create a super team alongisde Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. This way the Nets would transform themselves into a true title contender.


So far negotiations between the Rockets and the Nets are not progressing, though. We got the news there are various problems when it comes to the eventual trade of James Harden. First of all – his contract with the Rockets is for multiple years and right now the Rockets are not eager to sell him. Second of all, right now the Nets do not have the assets to make such a huge purchase.


ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that James Harden does not believe he can win the NBA title with the Houston Rockets anymore. Contrary to this, he thinks teaming with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at the Brooklyn Nets would massively increase his chances of championship glory. His contract with the Rockets end in 2022, but he wants out now.


We are going to follow closely what’s happening with James Harden and his possible trade to the Brooklyn Nets. Meanwhile be ready to use our NBA picks today when the new season starts at the end of the year. We always try to give you the best possible picks.