The Vegas Odds for the NBA 2021 champion are here

The Vegas Odds for the NBA 2021 champion are here



Are you ready with your NBA picks today? Before we continue, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting news from the most exciting basketball competition on the planet. Are you ready?


The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of winning the 2020 NBA title and now they are already favourites for the 2021 trophy as well, according to the Vegas odds.


According to the bookies Lakers have +375 odds to triumph with the gold in 2021. They are being followed by the Los Angeles Clippers (+400), the Milwaukee Bucks (+600), the Golden State Warriors (+800) and the Brooklyn Nets (+1000).


Surprisingly the Miami Heat, who reached the NBA finals this year, are 8th among the favourites with +1500. Some might say Heat deserve a little bit more respect because of their performance in 2020.


It’s quite understandable why teams such as the Warriors and the Nets are so high in this list. They have some of the best rosters in the league, but in 2020 they were plagued by injuries. If they can use their full potential, they’d become totally different teams.


Of course it’s still too early to pick favourites for the 2021 crown. It’s much more smarter to wait for the 2020 draft and see what is going to happen there. What’s going to happen in free agency is crucial, too. Some exciting deals are waiting to be completed. We know very well what a difference a signing or two could make on the floor.


Despite signing Doc Rivers as a head coach, Philadelphia 76ers are not very high in this list. At least right now the oddsmakers do not believe Phily can put it together.


These are some of the NBA news we wanted to present you today. Do you agree with the Vegas odds right now? Keep following us for more news and the best possible NBA picks today.